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Are you on the wrong side of the class?


You can become a consultant, motivational speaker, personal life coach, and/or seminar leader. This CD-ROM and eBook will teach all you need to know to get started.


As you know each year millions of people pay thousands of dollars to attend seminars to learn how to do everything from how to manage stress to how to use a computer. Regardless of the topic, people who promote these seminars are making crazy amounts of money.  These people like you to think you canít, but the fact is you can.


As a public speaker, career coach, and author I can tell you that you can make money by giving seminars.  What I have done is put what works for me in this CD-ROM, so you too can learn how to plan seminars from start to finish. As well as how to be a personal success coach, trainer, and/or consultant.


By using this information you will learn how to: 


  • Select training, seminar, and coaching topics.
  • Negotiate great deals on hotels and conference rooms.
  • Promote yourself or other speakers with almost no cash investment. There will always be cash involved, but I will show you to make the most of your budget.
  • How to become an expert in your chosen field. 

Also, in this course you will get the following PowerPoint presentations that you can edit or use as is for your coaching, consulting, and/or training practice:

  • Coaching for performance and results
  • Customer service
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Writing effective performance appraisals
  • Improving workplace performance
  • Making workplace diversity work
  • Effective Communication
  • Effective Discipline and Counseling  
  • Evaluating and Coaching
  • Goal setting (A great personal coaching aid)
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment
  • Ready, Aim, and Hire
  • You as a leader
  • Motivating Associates
  • Training and motivating associates
  • Project management
  • How to Supervise People
  • Team Building
  • Train the trainer

All of these PowerPoint presentations have been used in my practice.  In other words, they are proven to be effective for my clients, and I know they will be effective for your clients.


In addition, I have included some of my most popular training activities and games, and a file that has re-printable books, forms, and articles that you can use without permission from me (Of course, I still retain the copyright, and the only limitation is you cannot sell these items on eBay or elsewhere on the internet Ė for obvious reasons).  However, feel free to print these off and sell them to your clients as your own works, and feel free to edit these items as you see fit.


I have also included marketing templates that you can use in your direct mail campaigns. Lastly, to help you jump start your career I have include an eBook that has the following information:


Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Seminar Production Basics 

  • On site
  • Public or general admission

Chapter 2: The business plan 

  • Finding customers/clients
  • Picking your crowd/niche
  • Researching the market

Chapter 3: Choosing a Name & an Organizational Structure


Chapter 4: Show me the money: Where it comes from and where it goes (Budgeting basics)

  • Start-up Costs
  • BOTRS (Back of the room stuff)
  • V2 (Video Value)
  • Audio Excitement
  • Author
  • All That Jazz
  • How much did I make?
  • Public Seminar Pricing
  • On-site Seminar Pricing
  • Phone (From) Home
  • Web development 

Chapter 5: Your Business Equipment

  • For the office
  • For the stage

Chapter 6: Marketing

  • Promo Kit Basics
  • Advertising and marketing basics
  • Understanding PR

Chapter 7: Personal Coaching and Consulting

  • The new wave of the future
  • What it takes
  • Establishing a business
  • Getting repeat business

Appendix: Seminar Production Resources


If you have ever wanted to get started in this high paying career path now is the best time ever.  This product will be sent to you on a CD-ROM. For those getting started in the business this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the tools that will make you a success.


If you have ever wanted to expand your speaking, coaching, or training consultant business these programs will help. With the marketing materials and PowerPoint slides already outlined for you all you have to do is focus on finding clients, and making minor changes.


As you know, as a trainer, consultant, or coach you can make up to a $2,000 a (at least that's what I make) giving presentations, and the less time you spend developing presentations the more time you can spend giving presentations, and obviously, more presentations mean more money.


Unlike other programs this CD includes complete training programs with PowerPoint Slides that you can use as it or edit as needed.  Compare this CD to other programs on the market and you will see that it is the best deal anywhere.  


For only $99.95 with FREE S&H this one investment you will want to make.


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